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Unlocking the Power of Automation: Enhancing Your Business's Marketability and Value

While people often lament the decline of manufacturing in the USA since the second half of the last century, you might be surprised to learn that manufacturing output has actually increased (see data from St. Louis Fed). It is true that manufacturing jobs have diminished, but this isn't entirely driven by outsourcing to other countries, as is commonly believed. Automation, technology, and process improvement also play a significant role in increased productivity. Robots and automated processes don't call in sick, don't take vacations, don't file claims, don't show up late for work, don't receive overtime pay, don't go work for competitors, don't develop addiction problems, don't take family medical leave, etc. and typically perform tasks much more rapidly.

When looking for business acquisitions, buyers look for sets of systems that work together to produce products and services in an efficient, consistent, repeatable manner. Automation, technology, and better processes can contribute to this while also lowering defects, production problems / variability, waste, and human resources, all while potentially having a material positive impact on a business' value. Often when people think about automation they visualize industrial robots, but it can also come from software used to automate and streamline business processes and administrative tasks. In what ways can you increase automation of your business?

For some inspiration on automation check out the following video tour of a Tesla automobile factory.


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