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About Codiligent

Meeting about Codilligent business sale advisors

Codiligent business brokers was founded in 2003 to provide quality business sale representation to some of the most important people in the US economy: entrepreneurs. We help owners of small and lower mid-market companies achieve an appropriate reward for years of hard work, persistence, investment, and risk-taking.


Our goal is to deliver the same quality service that large companies expect when dealing with prominent investment banks like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, but which is often rare from business brokers representing small companies. 

The original vision for the company included:

  • Providing quality representation to a limited number of clients.

  • Being an effective advocate for clients by taking the time to completely understand a business and its value.

  • Using a customized approach to marketing to increase the odds of reaching both financial and strategic business buyers.

  • Being highly responsive to buyers in order to increase the probability of a timely business sale.

  • Encouraging real offers by providing comprehensive information packages that accurately presents the business.

  • Using a consultative sales approach when negotiating and structuring business sales.

  • Always acting with integrity and having a long-term focus.

Over the past two decades this vision has been fulfilled, but that hasn't stopped the relentless pursuit of improvement to Codiligent's proprietary processes.

                                     - Eric Williams

Eric Willliams president of Codiligent business brokers Washington and Oregon
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