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As you peruse the businesses below, keep in mind that Codiligent develops customized marketing plans for every company it represents, and due to some businesses having high confidentiality requirements or being so specialized that advertising to general financial buyers may be ineffective, some Codiligent listings will not appear on this website or other business broker advertising and business sale websites.  To ensure that you are notified of appropriate business matches, please submit your acquisition criteria.

40-year-old differentiated structural steel fabricator with stable, reliable repeat customers
Listing Number: 1000014065

Over nearly 40 years, this custom steel fabrication business has developed a great reputation with dealers and customers by providing well-designed differentiated products that meet exacting client, IBC, OSHA, and seismic standards. Its exceptional service, quality (as evidenced by defect-free delivered products that meet specs), and ability to meet or beat deadlines has resulted in satisfied customers who provide long-term repeat business.

The business fabricates mezzanine systems, catwalk systems, access stairways, railing systems and custom material handling systems, amongst other products. Customers include, but aren’t limited to, national retailers, fuel centers, general contractors, and dealers.

Steel Fabrication_edited.jpg

Its top customer is a $30+ billion market cap publicly-traded company that’s been growing at a ~7% compound annual growth rate from 2020 to present, and is projected to be above 8% growth in the coming years as it executes an expansion strategy that bodes well for generating additional demand for this steel fabricator’s products. This customer has been doing business with this steel fabrication company for many years and has produced ~$1.3 to $2.6 million in annual revenue for each of the past seven years. This large customer, considers this business to be a top preferred vendor, and has had this steel fabrication company ship its heavy, high-freight-cost products from the pacific northwest to as far away as locations in Virginia. Given that there are many other such businesses in this fragmented industry that are in closer proximity to both this customer’s eastern US headquarters and many of its locations, the question is “Why?” It’s because this tried and true business offers exceptional in-house design work by CAD experts, is operationally efficient with a lean, well-trained, long-term, low-turnover, well-compensated staff who like working there and provide exceptional service while creating great products which undergo multiple quality control checks before being delivered on-time. The business is efficient, effective, easy to work with, and delivers industry-leading quality custom products.

Price:                   $5,990,000

2023 Revenue:    $5,351,722

2022 EBITDA:     $1,011,350

Location:             Pacific Northwest

Please see the introduction package for more details: Intro Package 1000014065 02 12 24

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