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The moral case for free enterprise

It's amazing to think about the vast array of life-enhancing products and services that have been introduced and continue to be developed over the past 150 years as a result of free enterprise. I personally see some of this with the business seller clients I serve. They have all taken entrepreneurial risk to provide a product or service that they believe makes life better for others, and that by delivering value first, customers will voluntarily exchange some of their hard earned money for the product or service. Unfortunately, free enterprise and entrepreneurial capitalism seem to be under assault in recent years. The following video makes the moral case for the free enterprise system and focuses on three main points about why it should be embraced:

  1. Free Enterprise safeguards lasting happiness

  2. It promotes real fairness

  3. It does the most good for the most vulnerable

The video is only 8 minutes long. Whether you agree or disagree, you are invited to share your thoughts.

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