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Increase business marketability and value through business automation

The optimal situation in business is to have a company that runs like a well-oiled, profitable, machine with little effort from the business owner, whose role is limited to improving and expanding the business. While this may be difficult to achieve, one way to move toward this is through greater automation. While the word automation tends to conjure images of manufacturing robotics, and that certainly is one type of automation, there are many other ways to add automation which can make a business more efficient, more effective, and reduce the amount of personnel time including: automated payment (i.e. recurring automated credit card charges); using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software; automated email marketing campaigns; electronic forms populated from a CRM database; accounting system daily financial dashboards; outsourced order fulfillment services, etc.

And what if your business DOES allow for replacement of humans with robotics? Robots don't call in sick, don't take breaks, don't seek a higher paying job, don't take vacations or family leave, don't file worker's comp or unemployment claims, don't create a hostile work environment, and don't require on-going wages. Automation through robotics has become very affordable, particularly in comparison to people with increasing wages. Business automation can drive higher profitability with less human resources, which contributes to a business' marketability and value.


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