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Best practices for business sale marketing packages

At Codiligent business brokers we've always aspired to create the best business sale introduction packages and confidential packages in the industry. The development of our packages has been based on experience, feedback, and includes what we'd want to see if we were buying a business. Our hope is that by having better information packages we lower uncertainty for buyers which may lead to not only a more marketable business but also a higher price for our clients.

Over the years we've often seen other business brokers not even use a non-confidential introduction or teaser package, and instead rely on a short 4-7 sentence ad and then the business broker will require a NDA before providing any sort of information package. Because a lack of an introduction package is so common, there have been times that I have questioned if Codiligent's format for its introduction packages is over-kill. Does it really make a difference? Sure, we receive continual positive feedback from appreciative buyers who compare our information packages to others (or the lack thereof), but does that really mean that our packages generate more interest? Or has this just created more work and an unnecessary step?

A few years back we found research that confirms that statistically our approach is more effective! Axial Network, a membership organization of over 20,000 professional private capital deal makers, analyzed 8,732 investment teasers / introduction packages for businesses. They looked at titles, descriptions, and financial details to find out what characteristics lead to a more successful introduction package or investment teaser, defined as one that generates more interest relative to other advertised businesses on the market.

The following infographic shows the findings from their research. The characteristics and elements of Codiligent's introduction packages are consistent with what this research indicates makes a package effective!


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