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Codiligent Business Brokers, with locations in Bellevue, Washington and Portland, Oregon serves sellers of companies with $2-30 million in annual revenue.

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Codiligent’s time-tested confidential process helps small and lower mid-market business owners navigate, negotiate, and execute one of the most complex and pivotal transactions of their lives: selling a company.


We believe small companies deserve the same quality of business sale representation as large companies. That's why we prioritize quality over quantity, serving a select number of clients with unwavering focus on achieving successful business sales.


With our expertise and commitment, we help you sell your business with confidence and precision. Trust Codiligent to be your partner in maximizing the value of your business and securing a prosperous future.

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“I worked as hard as I could during my tenure as the owner of Systems Design West to improve the value and long-term viability of this company. When it was time to sell it I wanted to make sure that I hired the right organization to market the company so I could get top dollar for what I had accomplished.  Eric Williams at Codiligent made that happen.  He helped assemble the perfect team of experts, Attorney, CPA, etc. He marketed and negotiated on my behalf better than I ever thought anyone could have.  In retrospect, I am amazed at how well the exit strategy panned out due to his efforts and careful diligence in this process.”

Mark Spice

Seller Client

Poulsbo, WA

Codiligent business brokers completed business sales
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