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Marketability Assessment

Codiligent business broker marketability assessment

Codiligent's proprietary marketability assessment will answer these questions:

  • Is your business marketable?

  • What's a rough estimated realistic range of business value?

  • What can you do to prepare for a business sale and potentially improve your business' value and marketability?

Free for businesses with $2+ million in annual revenue.

What to Expect

We will provide you with excel-based questionnaire about different functional areas of your business. Many of the questions have drop-down menu answers, while others require unique input of answers. Most business owners can complete this questionnaire in 1-2 hours.

Once you complete the questionnaire and email it to us, we'll review it, ask any clarification questions, then we will prepare and send you a 15-60+ page PDF report. 

There's never any obligation or pressure to sell your business. Our hope is simply that if this provides useful feedback that helps you create a more marketable and valuable business that you consider using our services when you are ready to sell.

would like a marketability assessment

Thanks for contacting us about a Marketability Assessment.We'll provide you with an assessment questionnaire soon.

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