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20-Year Industry-Leading Window Replacement Company's Efficiency & Effectiveness
Reflected in High Profit Margin

Listing Number: 1000013833

This highly-rated window and door company has established a strong brand in the greater Portland, Oregon metro area.

The business’ points of differentiation, tight operations & quality control, exceptional customer experience with best-in-industry service, and reputation have led to a durable competitive advantage: highly satisfied customers provide great ratings and reviews which makes it far easier to secure new customers as is evidenced by a high sale closing rate and low customer acquisition cost. This contributes to the business’ higher-than industry profitability.

The owner has relentlessly focused on quality, service, and continual improvement resulting in an operationally excellent business. The owner would like to retire and let someone new take this turn-key business to the next level through geographic expansion, offering new products & services, greater marketing, or a roll-up of other


companies in this highly-fragmented industry. If an acquirer just continued the past five years' compound annual growth rate of 10.86%, it may be a great investment even without pursuing new strategic opportunities.

This business would be a good acquisition for another window and door contractor operating in another geographic market, a complementary construction trade business, or an individual looking for a solid platform business.

Price:          $4,450,000

Revenue:    $2,930,872

EBITDA:     $   730,265

SDE:           $   833,921

Financial Data for Fiscal Year Ending 12/31/21

Please see the introduction package for more details: Intro Package 1000013833 01 17 22